7Nutrition BCAA 500g

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The combination of the most important essential amino acids




in the most optimal ratio of 2: 1: 1. BCAA branched amino acids go directly from the blood into the muscle cells responding there for:

- An increase in muscle mass

- Regeneration of post-training

- An increase in endurance strength-oxygen

- Increase muscle strength

In our product we focused on cleanliness. 100% BCAA has only three essential amino acids. No sugar, no flavor additives, no fillers.

The recommended method of consumption: Mix 1 scoop (5gram) in 200 ml of water. Consume the pores around-training and before bedtime.


Nutritional value in one serving
Energy 20,0 kcal (85,0 kJ)
Protein 5,0 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Fat 0 g
Amino Acid Composition
L-Isoleucine 1,25 g
L-Leucine 2,50 g
L-Valine 1,25 g
*% RDA – percent of the recommended daily allowance
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