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  • A source of 6 different forms of creatine
  • Problem-free solubility and absorption
  • Carbohydrate free, does not contain sugars
  • Reduces fatigue (evidence of meta-analyses from numerous intervention studies)

1. What is Creatine Xplode?

How many times have you wondered which form of creatine ouldbe the best support for your condition? Surely not once or twice - and in the end you had to decide on only one of them. Creatine Xplode is an advanced and skilfully composed complex of six completely different forms of creatine, which have been enriched with the addition of taurine. Olimp Sport Nutrition decided to create a preparation whose formula was focused primarily on attaining maximum results and achieving the set goal.

2. The composition of OlimpCreatnieXplode

Creatine Xplode is primarily six different forms of creatine. The differences between them do not involve the effect, but the kinetics of absorption by muscles. The heterogeneous pace allows the long-term and constant saturation of muscles with the supplement. Prolonged availability, in turn, is an opportunity not only for a longer, but also for a more cumulative, effect.

3. The effect of Creatine Xplode

The effect of creatine is mainly based on increasing the production of natural energy – for our cells. Naturally, it is all about ATP (adenosine triphosphate) a fundamental unit for the human metabolism. Its content in our body determines the effectiveness of all processes, reactions, and metabolic pathways. It is also undoubtedly important for those practising sports. It is thanks to ATP that our muscles gain a sufficient amount of energy in the initial phase of physical activity, which is characterised by maximum intensity.

The energy surplus which is gained during supplementation with creatine, is used by our body to achieve its goals. Creatine Xplode allows a real intensification of the synthesis processes of new muscle fibres, increased strength, the use of a higher load for exercises, and a reduction of fatigue. Studies confirm that doses ranging from as little as 3 g of creatine per day have positive effects. In the case of a single portion of Creatine Xplode, our body is much-more saturated with creatine.

4. Creatine Xplode – results

The Olimp Sport Nutrition dietary supplement has a universal effect, which allows it to be used as a support for various sports disciplines. Creatine Xplode can be successfully used during bodybuilding workouts, triathlons, and cross-fit classes, but also for players of team games (e.g. basketball or football), martial-arts athletes or those practising some endurance disciplines (e.g. cycling or swimming). All because of the results, which include:

  • Increased muscle endurance
  • Increased amounts of natural energy
  • Reduction of fatigue between exercises
  • Increased muscle strength with prolonged intake combined with exercises
  • Intensification of transformations conducive to muscle development and body shaping

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