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INTRA X-plode is an innovative amino acid product with red beet extract, designed to boost endurance in both athletes and those who train intensively, supporting them in doing what they love. Prolonged periods of exercise (in excess of 80 minutes), irrespective of the activity, be it running, cycling, a volleyball match or a long hike in the mountains, always gives rise to both physical and mental fatigue. Fatigue is a complex phenomenon, for it yet remains unknown whether the cessation of continued exercise is a consequence of changes in the brain or in the muscles. However, it remains indisputable that the onset of fatigue actively thwarts even the most motivated of athletes in exercise endurance. It’s a sensation familiar to us all; embarking on a long route and thinking what was it all for. Why did I go so far? I can't go on, I have to rest. This is but one of many of the symptoms of the fatigue and apathy induced by exerciseSuch symptoms are often indicative an improper training diet. In Intra X-plode, the BCAA amino acid supplement, in a specially formulated ratio of 5:3:2 (L-valine, L-leucine, L-isoleucine), alongside the addition of tyrosine, is designed to actively postpone the onset of physical and mental fatigue during training. Everyone recognises the importance of keeping a clear head and maintaining high concentration during cycling races and long runs in the mountains. It has a significant impact on both our safety and the sporting results we achieve. Furthermore, the addition of nitrate-rich red beet extract directly increases the capacity for prolonged periods of exercise. Improving exercise efficiency by reducing the use of oxygen in working muscles is a well-documented effect of red beet, explaining its frequent use among top endurance athletes. INTRA X-plode is a combination of components which provide the proven effect of improving the overall fitness, efficiency and performance of our bodies during extended periods of exercise. Moreover, it ensures full focus and continuous concentration, supporting you from the start to the finish line.

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